Aim and Objective

The aim of the center is;

a)    Conducting necessary education, research and application activities regarding pharmaceutics, biopharmaceutics, industrial pharmacy, cosmetology, anti-doping education and doping control,

b)    Making cooperation with national and foreign scientific research, examination and treatment institutions, public and private institutions, and associations in order to obtain scientific and financial resources, and enable scientific and industrial exchange of technical knowledge and services,

c)    Arranging advanced specialist courses and certificate programs, holding and participating in national and international seminars, conferences, congresses and symposiums; and arranging joint programs with foreign scientific institutions in this regard,

d)    Disseminating the scientific results regarding the drugs and drug types in the treatment, doping in sports, doping control and education against doping in oral and written forms,

e)    Giving national and foreign scholarships to relevant etaching staff and students and graduates receiving an education of pharmacy in order to enable theoretical and practical knowledge, arranging various prize competitions in this regard,

f)     Enabling the education of the teaching staff, personnel and students at the public and private institutions at every level, with which the relevant departments of Hacettepe University has protocol aggreements regarding pharmaceutics, biopharmaceutics, industrial pharmacy, cosmetology and doping, anti-doping education and doping control,

g)    Conducting examinations and researches in fields required by national and international public and private institutions and bodies, preparing projects, arranging education programs, expressing any scientific opinions and cooperating with relevant institutions and bodies,

h)    Conducting other activities determined by the Board of Directors.